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Kavita, DelhiAacharya Ji, Astrologer Raghav Aacharya of India is really a very kind and great man. His advices are certainly very precious and useful. It is by virtue of his wise and life-changing advices that today I am happy with my life, and my life is going good and smooth. Before meeting him, I had a grave and grueling family problem, which he adroitly solved forever. In my opinion, the best thing associated with astrologer Raghav Aacharya is that he understands a problem with due empathy and then generates surefire astro solution. God Bless Him!

Rachel, UKI met Astrologer Raghav Aacharya ji through my close friend shanti nearly 2 years ago. I had consulted him with my horoscope. Retrospectively today I can certainly say that he has been quite correct about certain important aspects of my life !!!

Hariom Singh, NoydaI have always loved a girl in my neighborhood and she also liked me but was in a always disturbed by another guy. So I asked aacharya ji for his help in making me to meet the girl of my dreams. Now we are happily in a relationship and look forward to get married soon. It is all because of his blessings and patience.

John, FranceI have faith in your Tantric workings very much. It is wonderful to see that you deal with everyone particularly, not in the same ways but particularly as examining their problems and seeing what they actually need in their lives.

Elizabeth, Ohio-USAMy sister had referred me to consult Astrologer Raghav Aacharya Ji, well known for being a best astrologer. True to his words and remedies, his presence and consultation helped me achieve not only peace but I actually got a positive view towards life. He is truly a great spiritual guide and best astrologer.

Kumar from MumbaiAacharya ji astrological wisdom and guidance has supported me greatly in understanding my life path and opening up to the divine grace that surrounds it. His warmth, enthusiasm, care, and compassion are clearly evident in his personal, yet highly professional, manner. Aacharya ji shares his sense of wonder and awe in exploring and bringing understanding to life’s gifts and challenges, and supports and encourages his clients do the same!"

Kavindi ShekhwatAstrologer Raghav Aacharya is a renowned astrologer who has been seen as an expert fortune-teller by the whole world. I feel it would be no exaggeration to call him as the best fortune teller in the whole world. I have consulted numerous astrologers in the past. Some were totallyineffective and some others were effective to some extent. Raghav Aacharya has however, been a class apart and solved most of my problems with an experienced ease. I feel proud of his helpful assistance and remarkable efficiency with which he has supported me through bad times and led me out of the worst ever situations!

Mehamood SharifiAstrologer Raghav Aacharya is someone I can trust with closed eyes. He has brought my life to a beautiful situation, which I had never even imagined. More than a fortune teller and astrological guide, I have seen Raghav as my personal advisor and confession box! I share everything with him and he performed such lovely and effective worship that led me out of problems and helped me diminish my problems in every manner. I feel his effective assistance has led me to a better situation today. I take pride in calling him my personal astrological guide and feel that he is the major reason why I've found such perfect happiness in my own life!

Namita Choudhary from BhuvneswarAstrologer Raghav Aacharya was my excellent solution for dealing with the lonely and forlorn pain of separation from my family. He helped me vanquish my troubles effectively and made me work out every issue step by step. I went by his excellent admonitions and I was surprised beyond words to have stepped out of these situations and away from these troubles under his effective guidance. He helped me reconcile with my wife and children after a bitter gap of 29 months. His guidance was the brightest light of my life while I aimlessly wandered through the dark and cold paths of life without any ray of hope! He helped me conquer these problems and helped me battle them efficiently to win over my family and reunite with them. Today, I see gratitude written all over my own face and find his blessings protecting my family from any evil influence.

Deepak from ChandigrahLove isn't always about the mushy romances or hours of togetherness. Love is definitely about sacrificing and finding paths to bring happiness in the lives of your loved ones. These were the great words spoken by some writer, but Astrologer Raghav Aacharya helped me understand the hidden depth and meaning behind these words. Astrologer Raghav Aacharya was always insistent upon having us realize the meaning of love before we profess our love for each other. When I approached him with my problem, Aacharya Ji just simplified my problems by giving me such effective solutions that were beyond anything else. I am proud to have chosen Raghav Aacharya and been guided by his skilful astrological prowess in every manner.

Miss Shaalu Malhotra From DelhiI was a devout rational who had no faith on astrology. My scientific background forbade me from believing in these forces, but the sudden paranormal activities in my own family and certain unexplainable stuff before my own eyes led me to believe in the existence of such aspects. I was never God-fearing, but I took to devotion and tried to release my soul from the evil clutches of black magic. He was the calm and confident one. I guess he is some superbly talented and blessed individual, who has been sent by God to relieve the world of such evil forces during times of distress. Even after he led us out of these problems, I couldn't help but look up to this man and express my gratitude towards him in every way.